Guidelines for Diversion


Standard Diversion Qualifications for All Offenses

  1. Ramsey County criminal offense
  2. No previous diversion as an adult
  3. Not on probation or parole from any jurisdiction
  4. Admission of guilt but no guilty plea entered
  5. Drug charges involving simple possession only
  6. No additional criminal charges pending
  7. Defendant must have identifiable problems and be in need of intervention
  8. Defendant must voluntarily participate
  9. Defendant must cooperate with Project Remand and agree to establish goals
  10. Restitution limited to $4,000:
    1. amount may be evenly divided between charged co-defendants in order to bring all defendants below the $4,000 limitation.
    2. where stolen property is recovered undamaged, the fact that the value of property stolen exceeds $4,000 will not prevent approval for diversion. amaged recovered property, however, is subject to the $4,000 limitation, as measured by the cost of repair.
    3. restitution amounts of over $2,000 may justify a 2-year diversion

Additional Qualifications for Felonies

  1. No prior felony or gross misdemeanor convictions including gross misdemeanor DWI on record. Misdemeanor convictions may disqualify the defendant from diversion.
  2. No felony juvenile adjudications after the age of 16.
  3. No crimes of violence or burglary of dwelling cases.
  4. Victim and police do not oppose diversion.
  5. 100 hours of volunteer community service.

Additional Qualifications for Misdemeanors

  1. Clear or minimal prior criminal record.
  2. Victim of Assault V does not oppose diversion.
  3. Cooperation in prosecution of all co-defendants.